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Ann Marie's My Business My Story

Ann Marie Shillito of Anarkik 3D

Ann Marie Shillito and I met over coffee in the lovely Dovecot Studios Cafe in Edinburgh, after initially engaging through Creative Edinburgh, with us both being members. 

I had the privilege of being invited into Ann Marie's home where she also works and straight away I could see and identify a person who is passionate about their work in the creative field, and has a real love for their family. 

As part of My Business My Story, I ask each individual to share with me their words which best describes them and their surroundings - these words bring more context to the story and allow the viewer of these images to start to unpick and better understand each business owner. 

I hope you enjoy reading this story! 

Ann Marie, "I work from home and love my office. It’s a delight to be in there especially in the late afternoon when the sun glances through the bow window and through my plants to put lovely shadows on the wall. From here I manage Anarkik3D where I have my computer and haptic device, where I test software being developed and design using our haptic 3D modelling software. There is also an Ultimaker2 desktop 3D printer which is used both for prototyping and for demonstrating the principles of 3D printing. I have my jewellery bench, tools and polishing motor downstairs but will work in my office as much as possible as it is such a lovely space.

"Other than the masterclasses I run in this space and the occasional meetings, I work on my own. I contract out to specialists many of the functions needed to run my company and this works well. I am pretty self-disciplined but being passionate about what I do it’s not difficult to work without too many distractions from the domestic side.

"It is my garden that can be a major distraction when the sun shines. It is south facing and a sun trap so I will have my morning coffee out there as well as my lunch. There are always weeds to pull out but if their flowers attract bees I leave them. I enjoy gardening and mostly save it to weekends as does need time spent on it. It isn’t a large garden but it is productive with soft fruit and vegetables."

Find out more about Anarkik 3D at www.anarkik3d.co.uk 

Ann Marie's Story is part of My Business My Story (a spin-off from my original series 'My Favourite Room') - a collection of images which encompasses a narrative behind the individual.  

The Collection proudly captures people living and/or working within the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Each story is individual, highlighting their personality and offering the viewer of the images a glimpse of their lives that you don't often get to see.

As a storytelling project, an important and really enjoyable part of the process, is meeting with each individual before the photo shoot, a friendly introduction for us both to understand each others story. This also gives me a glimpse of the person which is an integral part of capturing their story through images and words.

Most of my subjects are photographed using only natural light or a simple light source - this is always my main source of focus (where possible!). Camera: Canon EOS 70D with lenses EF 50mm and EFS 24mm.

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