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The Georgian House Story

Volunteers of National Trust for Scotland

'The House at No. 7 Charlotte Square offers a rare glimpse into the lives of the people who were among the first to move into Edinburgh's late 18th- and early 19th-century New Town, a pioneering architectural project, and the largest of its period anywhere in the world. ' 

The Georgian House Story started on a winter's day, with my Dad asking me 'where shall we go this Saturday?' The answer led us to the Georgian House, which even on a rainy day shone brightly within its New Town glory. 

As we began to wonder through the beautiful Georgian rooms, I knew straight away where the heart and soul of the House lied... with the volunteers. 

Each volunteer had a wealth of knowledge about each room and had so much passion and insight about the House. As I left, I knew that I wanted to return. And return I did!

I was excited to be welcomed back to The Georgian House in February 2019 with my camera in tow, ready and waiting to greet 15 volunteers to capture their own personal story about their time working for the National Trust for Scotland House. 

This is the volunteers story, with each individual providing me with their words about what it is about the Georgian House that inspires and interests them. Each person had their own reasons and its these words that compliment their photograph so beautifully. It not only offers insight to all future volunteers and visitors, it shows you a glimpse into the person behind the portrait. 

The rooms that I used for the photo shoots also offered their own personality - from the rustic, dark wood and eerie shadows of the Parlour, to the beautifully light and exquisite surroundings of the Drawing Room. With guests attending for afternoon tea or an informal gathering being shown to the Parlour and the Drawing Room used to display the family's wealth and possessions... which is your favourite room? 

Enjoy The Georgian House Story! 

"There is much to talk about in the Dining Room, so many interesting objects that visitors are fascinated by and want to know more."

"Volunteer now! I wish I had started volunteering ages ago. The longer you wait, the longer you miss out on experiences."

"I'm captivated by the Georgian period - as a storyteller, I love to see people's faces when I tell them about the history."

"Volunteering keeps me motivated... researching the Georgian period challenges me and I can share with other volunteers."

"The house I grew up in had a Drawing Room... this room within the Georgian House is so lovely and light and is certainly my favourite."

"I love the Dining Room - I can go in there and visualise a dinner party and the entertainment that used to happen in there."

"The Drawing Room epitomises the century and life at the time."

"Volunteering at the Georgian House is very interesting and enjoyable which makes it a pleasure to come here."

"I like to entertain as well as to educate. The 'dumb waiter' stands were used to lay out desserts by staff, allowing them to then leave the Dining Room and not hear what the Gentry were gossiping about!"

"The Bedchamber is a personal space, where your daily activities would take place - the room encompasses an individual."

"Volunteering at the Georgian House is part of my life, you feel like you're part of something."

"It's so nice to meet visitors from all over the world, I really enjoy sharing the history of the house with them."

"No day is the same. Some visitors ask questions and it's great to share my passion about the history of the House and having them then love it as well."

"Volunteering here is fulfilling, fun and good for my soul. I feel like my soul is in a good place when I leave."

"The globes and maps are fascinating - I like geography, so it's interesting to see how the country and the world were split during the 18th century."

Special thanks to: 

All the volunteers that were photographed as part of The Georgian House Story
Dr Sheonagh Martin, Visitor Services Manager, The Georgian House
National Trust for Scotland

Camera: Canon EOS 70D with lenses EF 50mm and EFS 24mm.

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