Darklight Photography

Your Business Your Story

Telling the story of you and your business through my Visual Storytelling Collection to capture authentic and natural business branding

Authentic and natural photography

The authentic and natural style to my imagery, using only natural light or a simple light source, shows an honest and genuine representation of you and your business. 

My personal style steers away from over-editing, using my knowledge of over 15 years to create beautifully composed photographs. 

The simplicity of these images comes from my love of film photography, using this authenticity to photograph the true environment. 

Your story begins

I will invite you to meet with me in a central location of your choice to discuss your brand ideas. I always find meeting new clients face to face a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know one another at this initial stage, personally and professionally. This also creates a relaxed and comfortable environment on the day of the photo shoot.

Your story unfolds

On the day of the photo shoot, I will meet you at the location of your choice and capture a variety of documentary and posed shots in a natural or simple light source setting. This will be discussed during our initial meeting. Creating a comfortable and relaxed environment during the photo shoot is an important step in ensuring that your images portray the authenticity that I pride myself in delivering. 

Your story is told

Your images will be sent to you within the confirmed timescale. 

You will receive your images in a password protected online gallery via the client area on my website. You can download, favourite, share and print images directly from the gallery that will be available for 3 months. 

Your Business Your Story proudly supports small businesses in Edinburgh. 

Your Business Your Story Collections is a glimpse further into the professional and personal lives of the individuals and small businesses I have captured using my Visual Storytelling Collection ethos.  

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