Darklight Photography

Your Business Your Story Collection

This collection proudly shares with you a further glimpse into each individual photographed as part of Your Business Your Story . 

Using personal words from the people themselves, you as the reader can begin to find out a little bit more about these wonderful business owners from a personal and professional perspective. After all, it's the person behind the business that people build relationships with and is fundamental to an ever growing profession.

Natalie's Story - coming soon!

An important and really enjoyable part of working with new clients, is meeting them before the photo shoot, allowing us to get to know each other more personally before the professional photo shoot takes place. 

Most of my subjects are photographed using only natural light or a simple light source - this is always my main source of focus (where possible!). Camera: Canon EOS 70D with lenses EF 50mm and EFS 24mm.

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